Your whole lab, summarized.

PinpointBPS® Process is the tool that makes your performance BI understandable. It records all processes, activities and equipment, to create a virtual model of your laboratory.


PinpointBPS® Process is based on international standards and leading practice in notation.


Process documents are structured according to lab departments and aligned with logical analysis phases.


All batching logic and operational rules followed are documented.

Tasks are grouped to reflect physical work areas and simplify discussion.


All decision points are annotated and the triggers made clear.

All task data is available, including task time, resources and entity type.


PinpointBPS® Process is so much more than just a map. It is a tool that drives performance in your laboratory.

PinpointBPS® Process is a detailed and easy-to-read process map that provides context, allowing you to make the right decisions and drive initiatives to success. All your processes, equipment, activities and staff are mapped in great detail that is easy to understand.



Includes every single detail, from equipment to staff activities.

Library of analyzers makes behaviour tracking quick and simple. 

Provides an understanding of performance at all levels of the laboratory.

Fosters better communication between teams and proactive performance management.


See what your process documents should look like



"Laboratories in the UK need an approach like PinpointBPS."

- David Byrne

Chief Executive Officer at TDL
United Kingdom