What if you could make decisions with the certainty that they would amount to increased savings and revenue, better use of resources and higher quality?

With the PinpointBPS® platform, a better future for your lab is within reach.

Combining two decades of process expertise with advanced simulation technology, PinpointBPS® accurately quantifies the impact of changes to your laboratory demand, process and resources.


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Answer “impossible” questions affecting your growth, such as:


How will our growth in demand affect my staff utilization in the next year?


Our equipment agreement is up for renewal; how do I make sure that I choose the solution that is right for me for the next three years?


How will reimbursement uncertainties affect my operation – now and in the future?


Ensure swift buy-in

Don’t waste months or years on meetings and
spreadsheets. Get validated evidence to support
strategic and operational decisions.

PinpointBPS® provides you with the information you
need to move forward quickly and reap the benefits
now and in the future.

Drives your strategic planning
Test, compare and track multiple decisions, using facts and figures for ongoing decision-making and improvement initiatives.

PinpointBPS® provides a cloud-based dashboard and accurate process map of your laboratory, making performance planning tangible and eliminating stumbling blocks.

Hedge your investments

Examine high cost, complex future scenarios such as
consolidation and automation, to make the decision
that meets your laboratory’s objectives.

PinpointBPS® creates a validated model of your
laboratory and can track the potential impact of
consolidations, new equipment etc. before investment

How does PinpointBPS® work?

Expertly trained systems engineers visit your site and work with you to create a validated model of your laboratory.


Monitor your performance

The proof is in the results. The
performance of your decision is
monitored to ensure return on


Configure your laboratory

Your lab processes and resources
are documented and used to
create a validated model of your
entire lab.


Evaluate your decisions

The impact of change in your lab is
simulated, evaluated and quantified
in detail. This eliminates the need for
trial and error.

What our clients are saying

PinpointBPS® is not just an evolution, it’s a revolution.
— Colin Carr, Executive Director – Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
PinpointBPS® helps me by assessing complex decisions with real data before final decisions are made.
— Tim James, Head Biomedical Scientist – Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, United Kingdom
I will not hesitate recommending PinpointBPS® to other laboratories.
— Dr Silvio Roberto Foletto, Director General – CSV, Brazil


PinpointBPS® Insight provides you with relevant analytics to manage your performance in the context of your lab processes.

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PinpointBPS® Process is the tool that makes your performance BI understandable. It records all processes, activities and equipment, to create a virtual model of your laboratory.

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Get a glimpse of into the future impact and risk of any performance improvement initiative or action. Will that equipment truly make a difference to your performance? Will that change truly make a positive impact on your performance?

See PinpointBPS® Foresight in action


The key components of laboratory performance excellence, in one solution.

Over two decades we have seen which factors drive laboratory performance. PinpointBPS® provides a tailored solution to your laboratory to enable and embed these elements in your organization.