PinpointBPS® helps you make fast, smart operational decisions to improve laboratory performance.

With PinpointBPS®, you can track performance, improve processes and test changes to your lab without risk.

Gain total transparency of your laboratory’s performance

PinpointBPS® combines business intelligence with your process flows, allowing you to see exactly how you are performing and what would happen when you optimise your laboratory.

  • A beautiful BI dashboard allows you to actively measure your workload and performance
  • Detailed yet easy to read process maps helps you visualise your processes and collaborate to improve them
  • A simulated model of your laboratory allows you to test future scenarios to make the right decisions for your laboratory today.

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How does PinpointBPS® work?

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A self-service BI analytics platform is set up using your laboratory information system (LIS) data.

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Your lab processes are documented end to end in a standardized format for ease of collaboration.


A simulation model of your lab is created and used to quantify the impact of potential future changes.

What our clients are saying

PinpointBPS® is not just an evolution, it’s a revolution.
— Colin Carr, Executive Director – Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
PinpointBPS® helps me by assessing complex decisions with real data before final decisions are made.
— Tim James, Head Biomedical Scientist – Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, United Kingdom
I will not hesitate recommending PinpointBPS® to other laboratories.
— Dr Silvio Roberto Foletto, Director General – CSV, Brazil


PinpointBPS® Insight provides you with relevant analytics to manage your performance in the context of your lab processes.

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PinpointBPS® Process is the tool that makes your performance BI understandable. It records all processes, activities and equipment, to create a virtual model of your laboratory.

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Get a glimpse of into the future impact and risk of any performance improvement initiative or action. Will that equipment truly make a difference to your performance? Will that change truly make a positive impact on your performance?

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The key components of laboratory performance excellence, in one solution.

Over two decades we have seen which factors drive laboratory performance. PinpointBPS® provides a tailored solution to your laboratory to enable and embed these elements in your organization.