PinpointBPS® used in major process driven design project

PinpointBPS® has been made use of in a major process driven design project at the Richards Bay Coal Terminal, improving turnaround time by 25% and ensuring that capacity is sufficient for years to come.

The use of PinpointBPS® in this project highlights the versatility of PinpointBPS® as a methodology for improving laboratory performance improvement, seeing that in most cases it has been used in the context of healthcare. PinpointBPS® proved to be a critical tool in ensuring that all laboratory processes were analyzed and designed upfront and was heralded as a "groundbreaking new methodology". The project was designed and managed by LTS Consulting, who completed the laboratory design and implementation ahead of deadline and under budget.

To enhance the process-driven design, LTS makes use of groundbreaking new methodologies inherent in PinpointBPS, a methodology for laboratory performance improvement.
— Mining Weekly