Inside the PinpointBPS® Movement: Innovating Towards Certainty

By Steyn Strauss, Movement Coordinator, PinpointBPS


The End of Uncertainty?

If you've been in the business of improving business processes for more than a couple of years, it is likely you’ve witnessed the nightmarish scenario of an improvement initiative gone wrong. For months, or even years after the improvement intervention, an organisation is worse off than it was before, requiring even more resources to remedy the results of failure.


Why do laboratories continue to choose uncertainty?

According to the Wall Street Journal , more than 60% of Six Sigma projects fail to deliver expected results. In a similar study it was found that, of 184 companies that implemented
Lean Six Sigma in their business, more than 80% did not achieve anticipated value.
For healthcare organisations in particular (including Laboratories), it has been found that more than 50% of these projects and initiatives fail. In 2016, In 2016, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health halted the largest implementation of lean in the history of healthcare, due to insufficient evidence that it was delivering on expectations.

Investing into performance improvement initiatives that have 20% chance of success isn’t an investment — it’s gambling.

The reason for this high failure level has to come down to uncertainty. The fact is that most implementations require complex quality control processes and monitoring metrics just to determine if an implemented solution worked. Yet, these initiatives continue to be implemented across the globe, with a risk/reward ratio that would make most in the business community consider low yield bonds or stashing money under the mattress as a more viable alternative. Top executives and high profile laboratories, hospitals and organisations in general continue to opt for tools and methodologies that have little or no certainty of success – and a higher probability of failure. Unfortunately, this significantly overshadows the 20-40% of instances where business process improvement initiatives resulted in major successes. There are consultancies, specialists and experts that are actively aiming to make a major difference in the healthcare sector and in particular, laboratories. And they seek certainty.


There are several reasons why these initiatives are revisited time and again:

Unbalanced risk and reward. Very few firms responsible for seeing performance improvement initiatives through have any real responsibility after implementation. Performance allies are hard to come by and most of the risk is carried by the laboratory or hospital hoping to gain from that very implementation.

Successes shout, failures cower in the corner. There are some successes. Organisations that implement these initiatives reuse their successes to sell more. Case studies focus on victories that persuade future buyers, with little knowledge of the many more failures.

Over-promise, under-deliver. The alluring promise of success often results in very high expectations from the outset, that cannot be met in reality.

Flawed methodology. Yes, there have certainly been successes. Still, when has anything that scores a maximum of 4 out of 10 been considered “good”? This isn't  mediocrity—it is madness. Performance in laboratories is failing forward at a rapid rate. And this at a time where innovation isn't just required, it's a necessity. But how do you make sure that a plan is so watertight that all traces of uncertainty are removed?


PinpointBPS®: A Vision for Certainty

At LTS, we've been actively dealing with these questions for well over a decade. While others have been working hard to reduce waste, we've been working even harder to eradicate uncertainty. With the goal of ensuring laboratories benefit from fair solutions that are low risk, high reward and above all, long lasting, we have arrived at a vision for performance improvement in laboratories: PinpointBPS®. At its core, PinpointBPS® is about providing true value to laboratories - through certainty. Building on decades of knowledge in laboratory performance improvement, PinpointBPS® documents processes, optimizes them and provides an accurate prediction of the return an organisation would realize once new processes have been implemented.

With certainty at its core. PinpointBPS® also corrects the risk/reward ratio in the favor of the companies that pay the bills and live with the implementation. We do this through an innovative contract structure that staggers payments over time at no extra cost. Improvement is tracked not only against the company's own history, but benchmarked against similar, top performing laboratories and hospitals across the globe. And during this time, companies have access to world-class, personalized business intelligence tools, training and support.

Our number one goal has always been to make our clients immensely successful. With PinpointBPS®, we're turning performance impact on its head, providing laboratories with more value, at lower risk than ever before.


innovating towards certainty