Here's why your Laboratory needs ISO 15189.

ISO 15189 is a rigorous standard that requires significant commitment from laboratory management.

Medical laboratories must maintain a standard based on ISO 15189 guidelines that meet the needs of the healthcare professionals who are required to diagnose & manage the care of patients. The aim of ISO 15189 accreditation is to ensure that these standards are adhered to. 

ISO 15189 is a unique document which considers the specific requirements of a Medical Environment, as well as the importance of patient care.  

performance with two decades of experience in laboratory diagnostics, we believe critical decisions need to be made based on fact and insight, rather than assumption. To accomplish this, we follow the 8 Principles of Certainty.

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By aligning your performance improvement efforts with compliance measures, PinpointBPS can be a powerful aid that supports ISO 15189 within laboratories.

Note: ISO 15189 is based on ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001

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