Everyday laboratory performance insights - when you need it.

Keep close tabs on how your laboratory is performing. PinpointBPS® Insight provides you with relevant analytics to manage your performance in the context of your lab processes.


Analytics questions that PinpointBPS® Insight can answer for your lab, with accuracy:


“What does my arrival pattern look like for urgent requests on a Friday?”


“What does my TAT profile look like per test, and is it improving?”


“Where in my process do I spend most time, so I can focus improvement efforts?”


“What is my average workload demand per ordering site, and which tests are most requested?”


“What service level am I providing to my clients, and am I consistent?”


Track and report on improvement and changes with a view into your laboratory's current and past performance.


With PinpointBPS® Insight, you can track the metrics and key performance indicators necessary to understand what is happening in your laboratory. The Insight dashboard is cloud-based and can be accessed from smart devices, anywhere you are.



Cloud-based dashboard, accessible from smart devices.

Provides industry leading analysis tools, allowing you to dive deep into trends.

Self-service BI puts you in control of the analysis you want to perform.

Powerful and affordable laboratory analytics.


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"PinpointBPS® is not just an evolution, it's a revolution!"

- Colin Carr,

Executive Director Clinical Support Service at Hamad Medical Corporation