Make high impact decisions, based on evidence.

Get a glimpse of into the future impact and risk of any performance improvement initiative or action. Will that equipment truly make a difference to your performance? Will that change truly make a positive impact on your performance?”


PinpointBPS® Foresight can help you make change-related decisions, with certainty:


“How will our growth in demand affect my staff utilization in the next year?”


“Our equipment agreement is up for renewal; how do I make sure that I choose the solution that is right for me for the next three years?”


“We want to implement some process changes, but how will these affect our staff and turnaround time (TAT)?”


“How will the consolidation of our workload between two sites affect our resources and service level?”


"We are adding some test methods to our repertoire. Do I need to recruit more staff, or will my current team be able to handle the additional tasks?”


Test high risk, high reward decisions with certainty. PinpointBPS® Foresight allows you to quantify the future impact of important decisions on your performance.

See what the impact of any changes might be to your laboratory and whether these would lead to an improvement. From operations to strategy, PinpointBPS® Foresight leads the way to your ideal future. 



Get validated evidence to support strategic and operational decisions.

Test and compare multiple decisions, using facts and figures for decision making.

Measure complex future scenarios, such as consolidation and automation.

Analyze and interpret findings using the PinpointBPS® Foresight cloud-dashboard.


View Foresight in action



"I would not hesitate in recommending PinpointBPS® to other laboratories."

Dr Silvio Roberto Foletto

Director General at CSV, Brazil