PinpointBPS® helps your laboratory make fast, smart operational decisions that improve performance.

Transparency, collaboration and accuracy are the cornerstones of laboratory excellence.  PinpointBPS® is a revolutionary performance management system that provides laboratory owners and management with detailed analytics and structured process documentation. With PinpointBPS®, you are able to test changes to your lab without risk, in model space.


PinpointBPS® adds new layers of transparency for a groundbreaking understanding of your laboratory performance data.

PinpointBPS® not only provides world-class business intelligence (BI) on your historical performance, but also gives you a clear view into the future, enabling you to make the right decisions today.



How does PinpointBPS® work?

PinpointBPS® is easily accessible in the cloud from most leading devices.


A self-service BI analytics platform is set up using your laboratory information system (LIS) data.


Your lab processes are documented end to end in a standardized format for ease of collaboration.


A simulation model of your lab is created and used to quantify the impact of potential future changes.



The key components of performance excellence, in one solution.

Over two decades we have seen which factors drive laboratory performance.  PinpointBPS® provides a tailored solution to your laboratory to enable and embed these elements in your organization.  Here is how these elements can help you.



PinpointBPS® Insight

Actively measure your workload and performance.

Accessible, accurate and timely analytics are critical components of any performance management system.  If analytics are correctly used, they provide your laboratory’s true performance scorecard. (We’re not talking about the monthly spreadsheet compiled by the IT department).

Can you extract the critical insights you need from your LIS data?




PinpointBPS® Process

Visualize your processes and collaborate to improve them.

Your process is a key performance management tool and is a part of all improvement conversations and initiatives.

It's simple: if your resources are your ingredients for performance, your processes act as the recipe for success.

Do your process documents make the grade?




PinpointBPS® Foresight


Reduce risk in your decision making.

When you make important and complex decisions, PinpointBPS® gives you the certainty you need. From large investments to daily performance improvement initiatives, you can grasp the true impact of changes to your laboratory before you initiate them.

Are you able to answer the burning questions facing your lab with certainty?


How we work/engage with you

You are assigned a qualified team of experts, that engage with your whole laboratory and assist you every step along the way. We validate your lab model to ensure accuracy.

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We subscribe to the 8 Principles of Laboratory Performance

We believe that better desision making is at the heart of success in diagnostics.