Laboratory performance management. Made easy.

Lab performance data has minimal value without critical context. PinpointBPS® provides leading edge tools that help you manage performance, track improvements and test high risk, high reward decisions.


PinpointBPS® adds groundbreaking new layers of transparency and understanding to your laboratory performance data.

PinpointBPS® is the only laboratory BI tool that provides process context to numbers, helping you draw the right conclusion. Every time.



Understand your laboratory's processes in unparalleled detail.


Track and manage your laboratory's ongoing improvement.


Test future improvements and changes to understand true impact.


Your whole lab and everything in it. Summarised.

PinpointBPS® Process is the tool that makes your performance BI understandable. It records all processes, activities and equipment, creating a virtual model of your laboratory.


PinpointBPS® Process is so much more than just a map — it is a tool that drives performance in your laboratory

PinpointBPS® Process is a detailed and easy to read process map that provides context, allowing you to make the right decisions and drive initiatives to success. All your processes, equipment, activities and staff, mapped in great detail and easy to understand.


Includes every single detail, from equipment to staff activities.


Library of analyzers that map behaviour right into your processes.


Provides performance understanding at all levels of the laboratory.


Fosters better communication between teams and proactive performance management.



Leading edge BI.
At no cost.

Track your ongoing performance and understand why and where it is happening within the context of your laboratory's processes.

Track and report on improvement and changes with insight into your laboratory's current and past performance

PinpointBPS® Insight is a dashboard provides the metrics and key performance indicators you need, to understand what is happening in your laboratory. The Insight dashboard is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device, anywhere you are.


Cloud-based dashboard, accessible from any smart device.


Provides industry leading analysis tools, allowing you to dig deep into trends.


Beautiful analytics that look great in any report, no matter what the figures say.


The only laboratory BI solution provided at no cost.



Make big impact performance decisions. With evidence.

Glimpse into the future impact and risk of of any performance improvement initiative or action. Will that equipment truly make a difference to your performance? What will the impact of consolidation be?


Test high risk, high reward decisions with certainty. Foresight allows you to quantify the future impact of important performance decisions.

PinpointBPS® Foresight allows you to make changes to your laboratory to show you exactly what the impact of improvement and changes would be to your laboratory. From operations to strategy, PinpointBPS® Foresight leads the way to your ideal future. 


Get validated evidence to support strategic and operational decisions.


Test and compare multiple decisions, using facts and figures for decision making.


Measure complex future scenarios, such as consolidation and automation


Analyze and interpret findings using the PinpointBPS® Foresight cloud dashboard.


How it works

You are assigned a qualified team of experts, that engage with your whole laboratory and assist you every step along the way. We validate your lab model to ensure accuracy.

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